Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada has now completed six years of operations. It has constructed and rebuilt 260 schools in rural communities in Sierra Leone, and has constructed 10 classrooms and built a head teacher’s office in an overcrowded school in a refugee camp in northern Uganda.

Those involved with the organization have substantial career experience identifying, managing and implementing opportunities and projects in the for-profit sector. They are committed to utilizing those skills for the success of the Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada.

CCCC has very minimal overhead and administrative expenses, and therefore the majority of funds are used directly on the ground. Almost every dollar raised to date has been spent in-country on projects in Sierra Leone and Uganda. CCCC has no overhead beyond minimal professional fees associated with operating a registered charity. All fundraising, project management and administrative services are provided by committed volunteers.

We work with local partners on the ground to ensure accountability, efficiency and maximum impact. Our team visits each country prior to undertaking a project and continues to make regular follow-up visits.

Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and donations are eligible for donation receipting.

If you have any questions about Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada’s finances, please contact us.

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