Africa – Sierra Leone


Our goal is to deliver 1,000 community education projects to villages which would enable 100,000 children to receive primary school education.

Since the end of the Civil War in 2002, communities in Sierra Leone have managed to self-start low-cost schools without government support, but the school structures are basic and often primitive.  Our global non-profit partner in Sierra Leone has successfully built on these community efforts, showing that access to simple education can be provided in communities at an affordable cost.  Chaloner Children’s Charity is dedicated to scaling up the model already established by our partners and building low-cost community run primary schools.

Our plan is to create three-classroom, semi-permanent schools made from mud blocks, iron roofs and concrete floor structures.  To support our mission for sustainable education, we know it costs approximately $1,500 US for a rural teacher to complete the three-year teaching certificate required by the government.  Chaloner Children’s Charity will help support teachers to obtain their training certificates.

Our non-profit partner would continue to support the community to develop  focused micro-finance initiative (usually some form of community agriculture) to pay the ongoing costs of the school.  This would promote self-sufficiency after the initial start-up period.


CCCC End Of Project Report
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