Africa – Uganda


This Project will consist in the construction or improvement of up to eight (8) classroom structures located at Canaan Primary School, Palabek Refugee Settlementin the region of Lamwo, Uganda (the “Location”). There are currently at the Location two large temporary classroom structures which are in a state of disrepair, and 6 classes of approximately 150 children each take place under a tree. This means that when it rains the children are unable to attend school. The Project will ensure that children have access to safe and effective learning environments.The Project will also contribute to ensuring that classrooms are appropriately resourced with furniture, blackboards and teaching materials.

Pursuant to the Local Agreement, the Government will commit available materials and unskilled labour towards the construction or improvement of the classroom structures.The Project budget will cover imported materials and skilled labour required for construction or improvement of schools, transportation of materials to remote locations, as well as related matters indicated in the agreed Project budget. Ownership of the classroom structures will remain with the Government.