Asia – Nepal


Our goal is to build early learning schools for children, aged three to six, whose parents are migrant brick kiln workers in search of employment to support their families.

Thousands of young children across Nepal are invisible in the system, particularly those of migrant workers.  These children require assistance to access early education that can offer expanded life opportunities.  Our non-profit partners have pioneered a sustainable model of schooling for young children whose parents are migrant workers in brick kilns in the Kathmandu Valley.

Approximately 175,000 workers migrate for six months every year in search of work.  The brick factories are home to over 50,000 young children.  The repeated displacement prevents these children from having access to early learning.  Many of the children are left unsupervised when their parents are working, and these schools would provide a safe and secure environment.

Children would have access to water and hygiene facilities, and would be provided with a daily meal.  The schools would use an accelerated version of the Government of Nepal’s national curriculum that is tailored to the six-month migrant school cycle.  Children would then be able to transition into the appropriate level of schooling within their home communities when they are older.