Empowering Children Through Education


Our Mission

Every child deserves the chance to go to school. Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada focuses on providing and supporting education initiatives to children living in some of the poorest and most disadvantaged countries in the world. We aim to build schools, supply materials and support teacher training programs, with an emphasis on early learning centres, primary schools, and junior secondary schools

1 in 5 school-aged children are not in school. UNESCO

617 million children are unable to reach a proficient level of reading and mathematics. UNESCO

800 million children will leave school by 2030 without the skills needed to live healthy and full lives. UNICEF

Every child has the right to learn.

Education Can’t Wait

Education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world and promote peace. It is often the only means a child who is born into abject poverty has to improve their life. Having a basic education impacts every aspect of life from health and sanitation to gender equality, reduction of child marriage, and familial economic stability. At the very minimum, education gives children a better chance of sustaining themselves and ensuring they lead a more prosperous life. At its best education gives children the tools to become the architects for fixing the underlying infrastructural problems within their own country.

Why Our Approach Works

Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada (CCCC) is responsible for each school’s start-up costs and works with local partners to ensure the schools remain running. Our approach works because of our close connections with each community and frequent site visits, that assure funds are used on the ground and making the greatest impact to those in need.

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Who We are

We are a small group of caring individuals making a big difference. We understand the lifelong benefits of education and believe that with our help, disadvantaged children can change their life. Together we are creating a world where children have the opportunity to pull themselves out of abject poverty.

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Giving the gift of education will help provide schooling in rural Africa, Asia, and areas affected by conflict and natural disasters. We are committed to deploying funds on the ground to directly impact children’s lives.

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