Education in Emergencies


Our commitment is to provide a proportion of funding to respond to emergencies such as natural disasters and refugee crises.

Chaloner Children’s Charity will work with our non-profit partners to bring project financing to rebuild schools where there has been a natural disaster, or to expand the number of schools in areas where there is a refugee crisis.

Natural Disasters:

In 2015, devastating earthquakes in Nepal disrupted the schooling of approximately four million children.  The earthquakes also displaced thousands of children and families from their homes and schools.  As part of the response, our non-profit partner in Nepal helped rebuild 120 schools, expanded the construction of learning centers in other districts, and distributed educational materials to 50,000 children.

Refugee Crises:

One of the largest refugee crises is currently happening in Uganda.  Two million people have fled South Sudan and over a million of them have moved to Uganda.  More than 85% of these refugees are women and children, of which over 60% are of school age.  There is a significant need for additional schools to accommodate these children and to supply teachers from local communities to provide educational continuity for children whose lives have been turned upside down.