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Our goal is to help refugee children in Uganda have the opportunity to gain a basic education in a safe learning space.

mapUganda is a landlocked nation in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania.

The Situation

Uganda is currently host to one of the fastest growing refugee crises in the world with over 1.25 million refugees having fled across borders from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo due to conflict.

Approximately 85% of refugees are women and children, arriving with almost nothing. Over 50% of the refugees are children of school age.

The Ugandan government has one of the most open refugee policies in the world, offering each refugee who arrives the right to access basic services including education and land. Many refugees in Uganda have vowed never to return to their home country. Uganda is the third highest refugee receiving country and the huge number of new arrivals has put extreme pressure on both existing Ugandan education services and humanitarian emergency facilities.

63% of the refugees in Palabek are children

17,000 children are registered in the 11 schools

9,000 children at the settlement are unable to access an education

Our Work

Our Work

Chaloner Children’s Charity just completed its first project in the Palabek refugee camp in northern Uganda; located in the region of Lamwo, close to the Sudanese border. There are approximately 50,000 refugees from South Sudan in this settlement and over half of them are children. There are 11 schools in Palabek that are hosting the children, but classrooms are severely overcrowded, and some children are taught under trees.

Approximately two thirds of children in the camp are registered at early childhood development centres, primary schools or secondary schools, but about one third of children in the settlement are not able to gain access to education because of a lack of classrooms and teaching facilities.

Approximate Cost Per School
School classroom C$16,000
Class Furnishings C$1,375
Teaching materials per classroom C$275

Our Impact So Far…

Chaloner Children’s Charity completed the construction of 8 new classrooms at the Canaan Primary School in Palabek in January 2020 in time for the start of the new academic year. CCCC also provided teaching materials and furniture for the classrooms. There are a further 6 temporary structures in a state of disrepair which are currently being used because of the severe overcrowding at the school.

At the start of January 2020, the school already had 2,087 students registered, with more expected to enroll in the coming months.

An international charity, Education Cannot Wait, has committed to fund the running costs of the school and teachers’ salaries, and the longer-term goal is for the government to be responsible for the school. Our NGO partner is in contact with the Ugandan government, and for the first time they have included the settlement schools in their district education plans.

CCCC is looking to expand its efforts in Uganda to help combat the education crisis in refugee camps. Our immediate goal is for a follow-up program at the Canaan School. We would like to build a further 6 classrooms and replace the temporary classroom structures which are not fit for their purpose. This would enable all children at the school to have access to a safe learning center.

Take Action Now

Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada is looking to expand its efforts in Uganda to help combat the education crisis, but we need your help. Your contributions could support a child’s whose life has been turned upside-down.